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Imagemeasurement facilitates linear and area measurements from nadir imagery of known scale. Imagery need not be georeferenced, simplifying the process from image acquisition to measurements. Measurements are made graphically by mouseclicks, and all data are automatically saved to a database. ImageMeasurement was developed by the USDA Agricultural Research Service Rangeland Resources Research Unit and Berryman Consulting.

System requirements: Windows OS with .NET Framework 2.0, 40MB free disk space, MS Excel 97, 512MB RAM
Current release: v 2.09, 10-30-13
Reference: Booth DT, SE Cox, RD Berryman. 2006. Precision measurements from very-large scale aerial digital imagery.   
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 112:293-307.

The software has been tested and been found in specific projects to function properly; however, no warranty is 
implied regarding its proper function across all data sets. It is provided AS IS, with no implied liability for usage.

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There is no need to uninstall an older version of ImageMeasurement prior to installing an updated version. No classification data will be lost if updating from an earlier version of ImageMeasurement.

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